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1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and write a drabble about (each of) the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Author: Jordan Herbert
Pairing: Hints of Sladin, Clex, and Enforcers' love
Fandom: Teen Titans, Teenage Mutanat Ninja Turtles, Smallville, and Jackie Chan Adventures
Rating: Pg-13 for all
Word Count: 100 each
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and that makes me sad sometimes until I realize I can still write using them. Yay!
All under one cut because I'm lazy )
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Title: Steel
Author: Jordan Herbert
Pairing: Clex
Fandom: Smallville
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 450
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and that makes me sad sometimes until I realize I can still write using them. Yay!
Author's Note: Written for [info]enter_tzone



Cover made by [info]danceswithgary !~

 Superman, the Man of Steel, the alien from another world with countless powers, he was Lex Luthor’s arch foe. His only weakness was Kryptonite; when exposed he would become weak and a glowing green color as his energy was drained from his body, making him vulnerable.

Steel )

Steel )Steel )

Steel )
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Oh no, not her again! That's right, I'm back with more deadly drabbles, haha! Really I just wanted to post this one plot bunny that attacked me today for St. Patty's Day and thought I might as well post the other drabbles I have collecting virtual dust in my files. So I hope you enjoy!

Drabbles Ordered by Length )
           Clark figured out that there are a few reasons why the other Justice League members hate him. One is that he drinks from the carton.
            But the main reason has to be everyone’s lack of sex. Heroes don’t get as much sex as you’d think they’d get.
            Except, Clark does. In fact, he gets even more because his archenemy is Lex I-Get-Sex-With-Everything-Anytime-And-I’ve-Wanted-You-Since-Forever Luthor.
            He’s noticed that every time he comes back from foiling one of Lex’s plans, everyone is glaring at him. Clark just never really cares because, it was so good and he doesn’t care that everyone knows it.

Title: Simple Pleasures
Genre: Farm Work
Pairing/Characters: Clex
Word Count: 100
         The muscles in his back flexed as his strong arms lifted one bale of hay after another. The movements flowed together as he bent down, got a good grip on the bale, and then swung up to toss the hay elsewhere. Sweat glistened on his back and his hair bounced around as he moved.
            By the time he finished, he finally realized that Lex had been watching him the entire time. “Oh, I’m sorry, Lex.” Clark apologized. “Is there something I can do for you?”
            “No, thanks, Clark, you already did enough.” Lex smiled and walked away, leaving Clark confused.
Title: Cars
Genre: Lex and Cars

Pairing/Characters: Lex Luthor
Word Count: 100
           “Mr. Luthor, what is your comment on buying the world’s first hover car?”
            Lex smiled and lovingly stroked a hand over the shining black hood of the sleek car no one else could touch. “There are only a handful of people other than myself who could actually afford to buy a car such as this.” He grinned as he knew perfectly well that more hover cars, better ones that could hover for more than ten minutes at a time, would be out soon enough.
            He would buy those ones as well. “I’m just glad that they aren’t big car fans.”

Seven Days a Week
Genre: Lex's place

Pairing/Characters: Clark Kent, Lex Luthor
Word Count: 100
           “You’re kidding me,” Clark had to grin.
            Especially since Lex was grinning too. “I’m completely serious, Clark. You know how most people have pairs of underwear for the different days of the week? It’s kind of like that.”
            “Except it’s really not at all like that, Lex.” Clark shook his head. “I knew this castle was big, but seriously, a different bedroom for every day of the week?”
            “I like to keep the maids on their toes.” He wouldn’t explain to Clark that it was also helpful when you usually had a different sex partner every night of the week.

Almost Satisfying
Genre: Lies
Pairing/Characters: Clex 
Word Count:
            “You’ve always lied to me!” Lex accused, throwing his bottled water at the wall. It shattered into a million pieces, but it still wasn’t satisfying enough.
            “That’s not true; I haven’t always lied to you.” Clark paused. “The first time,” he smiled and Lex’s glare only intensified. “After I had just pulled you out of the river and you said that you thought you hit me. I didn’t lie because I hadn’t known the truth then.” Clark’s smile grew. “So, I didn’t lie to you that time. And I’m not going to lie to you from now on.” He promised.
            Lex sighed. “Truths: 1, Lies: a billion.”
            “They’ll be even some day.” Clark gathered Lex in his arms. “I love you, Lex.”
            “Truths: 2,” Lex sighed but rested his head on Clark’s shoulder anyways. It wasn’t near satisfying enough but it was better than broken glass and a broken heart.

The Ongoing Battle
Genre: Pranks

Pairing/Characters: Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor
Word Count: 150
             “I know, Clark.” Lois, his latest crush, approached him and Clark pushed his glasses farther up his nose. When Lois actually used his name, it was bad.
            “Know what?” He tried to act calm and took a sip of his coffee.
            “That you’re having sex with Luthor.”
            Coffee was everywhere.
            “What?” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
            “If you want to stay in the closet, that’s fine.” Lois turned around. “I’m going to go grab some napkins for you.”
            Clark wanted to protest but before he could stand up his phone rang. “Hello?”
            “I told you I’d get you back for making my last girlfriend think we were gay.” It was Lex. Damn him.
            “I did that for your safety! If I didn’t, you’d probably have married her and she already had a jail record.” Clark insisted.
            “Sure, Clark,” Dial tone.
            Oh, revenge would be sweet.

Blinds Are an Issue
Genre: College

Pairing/Characters: Clex
Word Count: 200

             Lex was okay with Clark buying his own apartment. He was okay that Clark refused his offers of buying anything to furnish the small apartment. He was even fine that when he had to visit he had to climb eight stories due to the elevator being broken like everything else.
            He was not okay with Clark not having blinds.
            “This is your routine time that you get ready for bed?” Lex asked as he continued to glare out the window.
            “Yeah, but I don’t mind staying up later.” Clark finished shimming out of his pants.
            “Are those people across the street normally staring out their window like that then?” Lex growled as he watched the two girls, and apparently gay, guy staring out of their own apartment window.
            Clark blushed. “I usually don’t notice them. Besides, Gary’s not a bad guy and Jennie is nice. I’m not too sure about Lauren though, she seems a bit shady.”
            “You’ve met your peeping toms?” Lex asked. “And hung out with them?”
            Clark shrugged sheepishly. “That’s it,” Lex sighed. “I’m buying you curtains and I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.”
            Two days later, Lex hung up brand new curtains with a smirk.

Worth It
Genre: Enemies/Lovers
Pairing/Characters: Clex
Word Count: 200
“This is great, just fucking great!” Lex pushed the lamp off his desk. The glass bottom smashed into a million pieces that would take the cleaning staff at least a week to fully get all out of the carpet.
He then turned his rage onto the hanging plotted plant and smashed it against the wall. “I can’t fucking believe he would do that!” He screamed as he pushed everything off of his desk. “That bastard cost me three years worth of information.” He gritted his teeth and picked up one of the paper weights off of the floor and threw it at the mirror hanging above the couch. It shattered and the shards sank into the couch.
“God damn Superman!” Lex shouted at the top of his lungs. He grabbed his briefcase and stormed out of his office, his secretary already calling for a cleanup crew as he got into his elevator.
When he finally entered the penthouse, Clark was already waiting for him, still in that damn uniform. “I’ll be back later tonight,” Clark promised and kissed Lex before he flew off. “Love you.”
Touching his lips, Lex scowled. He could never stay mad at Clark for too long.

Our Perfect Wedding
Genre: Weddings

Pairing/Characters: Clex
Word Count: 250
           “Lex, this is our wedding, we can do whatever we want; we don’t have to be traditional with everything.” Clark insisted as he gave up looking through the magazine. Lex was just going to end up going to his private tailor anyway.
            “We already aren’t traditional since we, two guys, are getting married.” Lex scanned the suits with disgust.
            “Yeah, but still, I really think it would be better to have pie instead of a cake. Well, multiple pies, even though it’s just our close friends and family.” Clark persisted. “I’m just not a big cake fan.”
            “Clark, don’t be ridiculous. What kind of wedding doesn’t have a cake? Besides, we need some place for the action figures to stand on.” Lex closed the magazine. “I just have to have my tailor make everything.” He reached for a cake magazine.
            “Lex, you do know they aren’t really action figures right?” Clark glanced at the page of overpriced pastries. “There’s not going to be a Warrior Angel and Devilicus standing on our whatever, is there?”
            “Of course not,” Lex turned the page. “I was thinking more of Warrior Angel and Superman.”
            “I know, there’s no way Warrior Angel would ever go for Superman, but I thought they’d represent us better.” Clark smiled at his fiancé. “Besides, they’ll be easier to buy.”
            At their wedding they had pies of different flavors and a Warrior Angel and Superman action figure on each one. Everyone got an action figure as a souvenir.

Simply for the Sex
Genre: Flirting

Pairing/Characters: onesided Clex
Word Count: 250

            Clark wasn’t sure how they had gotten onto this subject, but he really couldn’t stop Lex while he was in his lecture mode. When he usually lectured like that it was just a subtle way for Lex to bitch about something that had currently happened to him personally.
            “…All people want in life is sex, money, or power. There’s really no exception to that.” Ah, someone must have tried to use Lex again. “Every couple, every friendship, every single relationship has some ulterior motive and they go around behind the other’s back to try and reach it.” Lex finally stopped, cueing that it was time for Clark to try and reassure him, as he took a sip of his bottled water imported from somewhere with over priced water.
            “I won’t go behind your back, Lex,” Clark reassured him. “I’ll tell you right up front that I’m only friends with you because I’m looking to get some free sex from you.” Lex grinned and Clark couldn’t help but smile as well.
            “I always knew you were someone with a bald billionaire fetish.” Lex chuckled as he took another sip.
            “Oh yeah, Lex, you get me so hot with everything you do, especially when you drink your fancy water or play pool with me.” Clark continued to grin, thinking that ridiculous.
            Lex placed his water bottle down and became determined to find more subtle ways to seduce Clark. Because really, the friendship was great, but he knew the sex could be better.

The Future Isn't So Bright
Genre: Character Death
Pairing/Characters: implied Clex
Word Count: 450
             Lex leaned back and looked around the room as his cabinet continued. It wasn’t as oval shaped as everyone claimed. Turning from the window, he was able to catch the glance of Clark Kent walking into the office, a bright smile on his face, just like he use to back in Smallville. “Hey, Lex, what’s up?” Clark grinned and sat down on the couch. “Nice place you have here. But I think the castle was bigger.”
            Normally, Lex would respond, but he wasn’t alone currently. “That sounds fine, why don’t you begin work on that tomorrow and I’ll go over the documents?” Lex suggested and then dismissed the few members. They walked out of the office and Clark frowned and rose from the couch.
            “Why didn’t you introduce me to your friends, Lex? Are you ashamed of the farm boy?” Clark was frowning and Lex hated that.
            “You know I’m not ashamed of you, Clark, it’s just that you’re still dead and I can’t introduce my dead friend to anyone. I’m the president now, Clark, I can’t be crazy.” Lex smiled but it was hollowed and sad.
            “Oh, right,” Clark managed to smile and walked closer to Lex. “I’ve been dead for such a long time. You really wish you could have saved me from your dad, huh, Lex? Well, don’t worry; I was glad he killed me after everything else he put me through. That had to actually be the nicest thing your dad ever did for me.” Lex sat back down in his chair and cupped his head. “It wasn’t really your fault that your dad got an interest in me, even though the fact that your dad had an interest in everything you did should have clued you in.”
            “Please, go away,” Lex begged.
            “You’re right; you don’t need to suffer through the truth. After all, you did so much good after you learned what your dad did to me. You helped so many other people, other humans. You just couldn’t help your best friend, your only friend. But that’s okay, he wasn’t human anyway. Right, Lex? It was okay that your dad experimented on me, tortured me, and raped me because I wasn’t human.” Clark smiled when Lex looked up.
            “If only being the most powerful person in the free world could help you turn back time, huh, Lex?” And then the illusion was gone. Lex had been staring at him for one second and then he suddenly just wasn’t there.
            Lex sighed. No medicine would get rid of the illusions or the voice. No therapist could help him deal with what he knew. He knew it was simply guilt and that nothing could heal it.

Lucky Day
Genre: Holiday

Pairing/Characters: Clex
Word Count: 500
           Lex walked out of his closet, dressed in black pants and a purple silk shirt. It just felt like a lucky day and lucky days were always better when he was dressed in his favorite color.
            Unfortunately that supposed lucky day turned sour the moment his phone rang, the caller id telling him that it was his father. After an hour on his phone and two Advil’s, Lex left for the crap factory.
            When he got to the plant, he was in a some what better mood, thanks to speeding and his lovely car. Gabe smiled at him, wearing a bright green tie that seemed out of place, and told him that the file work was waiting on his desk and then pinched his arm as he left. Lex rubbed his arm and frowned after the man.
            After work, Lex entered the Talon and held the door open for the girl in the hideous green dress behind him. “Thanks,” she smiled and pinched his arm as she passed. He frowned and went to order his coffee, getting pinched by three more unknown people as they passed him.
            Lana took his order with a smile and delivered it to him at his normal table. “Here you go, Lex.” She sat the coffee down and pinched his arm as she walked away to take others’ orders.
            He rubbed his arm as he saw Chloe and Pete walk in. Chloe had her hair up in a green hair tie which bobbed up and down as she walked. He looked past them for Clark but he was nowhere to be seen. After ordering their own drinks, the two walked over to him. “Hey, Lex,” Chloe grinned and pinched his shoulder.
            “Clark had to run some errand for his parents.” Pete answered the unasked question. Then pinched Lex’s arm as well.
            “Alright,” Lex rubbed at his arm some more. “Why has everyone been pinching me all day?”
            “It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, Lex.” Chloe grinned. “And you’re not wearing green. By tradition, it’s our right.”
            Lex rubbed at his eyes with his left hand. “Well, that explains why everyone has added a sudden splash of green into their wardrobe. Excuse me,” He stood up, coffee in hand. “But I’m going to go home and change before anyone else uses their traditional rights out on my arm. The same arm every time,” he muttered.
            Lex glared at every green object he passed. They were mocking him, he knew it. How could he have forgotten that it was Saint Patrick’s Day? He was of Irish heritage, on his mother’s side, the side he actually cared for.
            Lex changed into a green shirt and sighed. His purple shirt had just made the day worst. To ease away some of the day’s tension, Lex racked up the pool table. He also wanted to make sure his arm was still in tact.
            Apparently it wasn’t since he hit the ball and bounced it over the edge of the table. He sighed and bent over to pick up the rolling ball. He yelped when he felt a pinch on his butt.
            Standing up with the traitorous ball, Lex gawked at Clark. “I changed into green.” He seethed as he looked at his friend, looking into those mischievous green eyes.
            Clark shrugged. “So?”
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Hi there, I'm Jordan and new to the Clex fandom! I'd like to contribute with some drabbles I've written to help me get the feel of some usual Clex topics.

Yay for drabbles, right? I hope you enjoyed them because I still have some left over that I have yet to post, not to mention an actual chaptered story. *gasp*
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Title: Releasing Stress
Author: Jordan Herbert 
Pairing: Hint of Clex
Word Count: 1,356
Summary: Lex finds a way to release his stress and guess what? It's not destructive! (for once)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this fic. I'm not even sure if I made up Faith. *shrugs*
Author's Note: First finishedSmallville one shot! Not Beta'd so all of these mistakes are mine and mine alone.

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Alright, finally, here are my first pieces of contributation to the SV community. A bunch of drabbles ranging from crack to angst and a lot of stuff in between, though most are just humor and nothing goes into naughty detail. Sorry. 

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters or else I'd be filthy rich by using them as porn stars.

That's my first wave! I have a few more drabbles written and then I'm working on two short stories and one chaptered story with Overlord!Clark in it and Sexslave!Lex as well. I know, sounds good, right? You can never have enough of those!

Drabble Fun

Feb. 6th, 2008 02:23 pm
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My friend just gave me a link to a site that creates drabbles after you fill in a bit of information. I got a kick out of it! It's like an instant crack drabble machine which makes sense, sometimes. Seriously, these were my favorite three stories that it came up with for my top three pairings; Clex, Sladin, Zutara. Here's the link if you want to laugh as well with your own fun drabbles http://prillalar.com/drabbles/  

Disclaimer: I didn't write these, I just provided a few key words then lol.


A Naker Day to Sit (A Clex cractastic drabble) )


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For the past month or so I've been bitten by the Clex bug. I've never actually watched Smallville and I fear that since the show is currently on season six or something like that, I will never be able to catch up in time to actually watch it on television. Luckily, I'm getting the box sets for Christmas! But just because I've never seen the show doesn't stop me from becoming obsessed with fanfics from it. I have read over fifty Clex fanfics already and I just want more. I'm even trying to write a few. 
The thing that I love about Clex fics is that they are usually really long, even the short ones are longing than most of the Sladin fics I manage to find. So, I've decided to make a list of my top favorite fics that I've read so far, just because I felt like it.

Alright, those are my top four. I went over every single fic I had ever read and those were the four that I know I could reread every single day and never get sick of them. If anyone wants more stories written by these four brilliant writers, then just leave a message and I'll hand over their websites and any additional favorites that I have.
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Title:  Untitled
Author: Jordan Herbert
Warnings: Creepy and Pedo, mentions of canon death 
Pairing: Slade/Dick or Batman/Dick, your choice
Fandom: DC
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 262
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and that makes me sad sometimes until I realize I can still write using them. Yay!

Untitled )

Title: Congratulations
Author: Jordan Herbert
Warnings: Death Fic 
Pairing: Clex
Fandom: Smallville
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 715
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and that makes me sad sometimes until I realize I can still write using them. Yay!



Congratulations )

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