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Birthdate:May 15
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Website:My Fanfiction Webpage
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Mutant chain reaction.
Livin' underground.
Ninjitsu action.
It's a shell of a town.

Turtles count it off!
One! Live by the code of the martial arts.
Two! Never fight unless someone else starts.
Three! Always stick together no matter what.
Four! If all else fails then it's time to KICK BUTT!

I love bein' (I love bein')
I love bein' (I love bein')
I love being a Turtle!

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action figures, anime, art, assassins, avatar:the last airbender, batman, beast boy, beasts of burden, big wolf on campus, bisexual, bo staff, captain silver, cartoons, cats, celtic paganism, christopher johnson, christopher/wikus, cirque du freak, clark/lex, clex, comic books, comics, computers, cowabunga, criminal minds, dark turtles, dc comics, dc universe, ddr, deathstroke, demons, dick grayson, district nine, donatello, doujinshi, dragon ball z, drawing, evanescence, fanart, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, fiction recs, flash, full metal alchemist, gay rights, goku, gotham city, graphic novels, greek mythology, green machine, guy love, harley/ivy, hellboy, hot chocolate, icons, invader zim, iroh, jackie chan, jackie chan adventures, janitor/jd, japanese, john myers, jumba/pleakley, justice league, justice league unlimited, kid flash, klunk, leonardo, lesbian issues, lex luthor, lex/clark, lost, m-preg, magic, manga, martial arts, masks, michael rosenbaum, michaelangelo, movies, music, mythology, neil gaimen, new titans, nickleback, nightwing, ninja turtles, obsessing, original art, original slash, p!nk, paganism, painting, penguins of madagascar, photography, pitbull, pizza, placebo, poetry, poison ivy, pretty boys, raphael, reading, robin, role-playing, rowing, scar, science fiction, scrubs, scrubs slash, sewers, slade wilson, slade/robin, sladin, slash, smallville, static shock, stephen king, subtext, super heros, super powers, superboy, superheroes, superman, teen titans, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tekkoshocon, the enforcers, the flash, the joker, the outsiders, the penguins of madagascar, the teen titans, three days grace, tim drake, titans, tmnt, toon titans, training, treasure planet, trigun, turtle power, turtlecest, turtleslash, vampires, video games, villains, wally west, women's rights, writing, x-men evolution, yaoi, zuko, zutara

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