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It's a tie between these two;

In case you don't know, these are Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, respectfully. They are why I have gotten into the Marvel universe, why I now ship Iron Man/Captain America, why I feel like The Avengers will become my favorite movie ever once it's out, and why I am so obsessed with The Losers and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. They are amazing actors in ability and also both seem like amazing people. Both are LGBT friendly too (as you can see Chris is wearing a shirt with two women making out). RDJ has played a few LGBT roles (obvious ones as in Wonderboys and then the subtext kind such as Sherlock Holmes and, well, any role with him has a subtle gay vibe, really). Chris has a homosexual brother that he is very supportive of. 

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Because, well, you know; rawr, them boys be fine.
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Pigglehumsy and myself carved some kickass pumpkins this year. She did the Batman one while I did the Superman one. Sadly, the pumpkins didn't actually make it around to Halloween because they rotted rather early.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween though! This is my favorite holiday because I get to be anything I want to be all day long. So I wore a cape to weight lifting this morning and everyone just went with it! XD
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YES. Honestly, obesity rates in children are rising, taking breaks from academic learning throughout the day helps increase academic learning, children don't always have the chance to exercise on their own after school hours such as students that have to work, live in the city and don't have a backyard to run around in, and parents aren't around to make them get off the coach and away from the television. 

I don't care how much you hated gym during school. It was good for you. TOUGHEN UP WUSSES. 

Why yes, I was going to become a gym teacher if early education didn't work out for me. :3 (there's a pun in that there sentence)
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As a future teacher, let me just give my brief opinion on this; NO, NO, NO, BAD, STOP DOING THAT.

Since that's pretty much what every single teacher pounds into my head. 
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Smack my alarm clock. Then I grab the clothes I set out the night before and head to the bathroom to relieve myself, change, brush my hair, and put deodorant on. Then I eat a banana, put my coat and, currently, gloves, hat, and scarf on. Then I walk to the gym. Then I either lift, spin, do an agility circuit, or do our core exercises for an hour to three hours. Then I eat. Walk back to my apartment dorm. Shower. And go back to sleep for another hour or so before I go to classes, except for Saturday where I wake up slowly before my second workout for the day. 

This happens every morning except for Sunday. By the way, the alarm clock that I smack usually says 5:20 a.m. 

Now then, I have to get going for my second and last workout for the day. In two hours I can start to enjoy my weekend and when I say start to enjoy my weekend I mean finally get to start writing again!~
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Of course I celebrate Halloween! It's my favorite holiday, to be completely truthful. For one full day you can be whoever you want to be; fictional character, a role model, a favorite celebrity, an animal, a dream occupation, a mystical creature, whatever you want! The atmosphere is mischievous yet playful for the entire day and there are a tons of sweets. I love cosplaying and candy so of course this is a perfect holiday for me. 

I went Trick-or-Treating up to my senior year of high school and I can't wait to have kids so I can Trick-or-Treat again! Every year for high school I would also have a Halloween party for my group of friends. We bobbed for apples one year, watched scary movies, wore costumes, and all those traditional things. We also made up our own way to go Trick-or-Treating by putting buckets of candy in my backyard (hill covered with trees so a giant wooded space) and putting glow sticks in the buckets. When it turned dark we tromped through the leaves and got candy from each bucket. It was awesome.

This year, we got off from Crew this weekend. I went home on Friday night and most of Saturday. I carved a pumpkin and baked the seeds at my house. I carved it to be like a bat against a full moon instead of a traditional face. Then [ profile] pigglehumsy  came up to my college with me. We went to a Crew Halloween party in our costumes. She was a Twister board (looked amazing) and I went as my sexy!Raphael. The party kinda sucked, which was sad, so we left around midnight and went to EatNPark in our costumes. ...They put us in the back corner of the place. XD 

Then today we decided to make a huge Halloween feast for dinner. I'll do a separate entry for that once we finish cooking everything because, honestly, this is going to be a pretty impressive spread.
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There are so many things wrong with this question. First of all, I'd start out by punching the arsonist in the face because he's a straight up bastard for setting my house on fire. But I apparently have ten minutes to get out which means that the fire must not be that bad starting off so the bastard isn't even a good arsonist either. I'd try to put the fire out, to be completely honest.

To answer this question, I'd save my stuff because if the arsonist doesn't end up dying in the shitty fire (that is if the shitty fire actually gets going enough to be threatening at all) then the jerk would end up going to jail (I'd make sure of it) and he'd probably be killed in jail for doing such a shitty job and making arsonists look bad.

This is why I don't answer these things a lot.
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Moe )


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[Error: unknown template qotd]Mom: Marry rich.

Me: >_<
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Don't quit karate because the friendships are worth the extra muscle strain and lack of rest.

Also, go to Crew practice April 12, 2008. Sweet Gods and Goddesses, woman, if you only knew how much better your life would be if you had gone to Crew and just missed two hours of Tekko.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] that brought me this: 

It's a late B-day picture of RafieoMikey!~ <3 I love it so much and it just made my day! I seriously can't stop looking at it right now. It's just done so wonderfully!~

On other less happy notes, I have my *very last* Crew race for NA now. This will be my last one. But I'm taking my laptop, since we'll have more time over the four days since we only have us eight rowers and two boats to race. Hopefully I'll still be able to work on stuff and still drool over the wonderful B-day picture!~ <3
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Peru had gorgeous mountains. These are actual pictures from my camera. ;) Makes me want to go back. *sigh*

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