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So I know that, oh, about two weeks ago my life was looking pretty bad but I just wanted to thank everyone for such great support! Also, things are so much better already.

For one thing, my bitch roommate moved out so yayayayayyayayayyay!~

I finished the last of my classes and now I only have two Spanish finals on Monday then I leave on Wednesday for Spring Training in Georgia for Rowing. We had our last Rowing tests too. I DID AWESOME. I am officially on the All Time list for the history of Mercyhurst's team!~ I'm ranked as number four and I am so thrilled about it. All my hard work finally seems to be paying off.

And then nothing else has really changed but I just feel so happy right now so I don't mind. 

Also, I'd like to thank [ profile] jem0000000 and [ profile] robina1984 for the awesome package I received in the mail last week. That really helped make me feel better too!~ 

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It has been officially over thirty hours since I arrived at [ profile] robina1984 ’s doorstep. I parker my car, hesitant on if I had actually arrived at the right place after six-ish hours of driving, and then instantly noticed the car next to mine had a Raphael air scent thing hanging from the mirror. :3

It’s so great to finally have voices and faces to her and [ profile] jem0000000 . Since I had gotten in around five on Sunday, Robina and I got to hang out for a few hours, she took me on a little tour of her town after getting yummy Chinese food, and then she had to go to her last day of work for this week. Oh, do I have to mention lots of fandom squeezing was had? That sort of goes without mentioning right? ((Oh a side note it was hard for me to not go grabbie hands on her TMNT collection)) So Robina went to work and Jem got off work to do more hanging out with me! We had lots of fun!

Oh wait. Did I forget to mention the night before that [ profile] pigglehumsy  and I, more her than me actually, made brownies and decorated them with TMNT faces. 8D Expect pictures of that. Oh, then the morning of (such a horrible idea, Claire, never again) she did my nails as the TMNT for fingers and then turtle shell designs on my toes. BOTH ARE RUINED D8 Well, not really, but it looked great and now not so great.

Then Monday, Robina slept in the car once off of work as Jem drove and I navigated to go meet [ profile] aussiegirl17  at the mall! 8D It was so great to finally be able to meet my little Mauna!~ The four of us, three dressed in turtle-gear, (Jem was a party-pooper but she did have a pretty skirt on) then continued to parade around the mall looking for TMNT-gear. We found some, but not a Hot Topic or a Spencers which we decided was not significantly satisfying enough. Also, we needed more time together!

So we found another mall with both…eventually. Both of the cars, since Aussie had hers and then Robina, Jem, and I were all in Robina’s car, got lost. Apparently, the mall we were searching for didn’t exist. So we found another one and then continued our magically meeting of aweseomeness with much more TMNT buying!

Sadly, time came to say goodbye. T-T But now that I know that I can meet up with Aussie, I totally will again. Bank on it. =D

Then Jem and I drove back home while Robina continued to sleep in the back of the car. Once we were home, I snagged Robina’s fics, Jem hooked my laptop to their network so I could have internets, and then we all worked out! …No, seriously guys. Daddy told me I have to do certain things each day and Robina and Jem are accompanying me while I do such things, to a lesser degree, but still, I’m glad they’re taking advantage of my exercise knowledge.

So, to wrap up the first official day; AWESOME.

My goal during this week of vacation, besides movie marathons and writing fics, is to slowly organize Robina’s stuff. Her room makes me cry. A lot. Seriously.
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I think I might cry...FROM SHEER JOY!~ I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU THAT VOTED FOR ME! Seriously, this was such a treasure to read through and it really means so much to me. I'm so glad to see that many of my friends were also paid off for their hard work. I adore this fandom. <3

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Oh, you guys!~ <3

If love could cure colds then I would be completely healthy right now. But let me tell you, I'm happy enough to forget about my cold/sore throat combo because you guys all rock so hard!~ Seriously, 18 nominations? Really? *blushes* I love you all so much!


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I'm going to take the time to reply to all the wonderful messages you guys left me on my last post but I just wanted to make another post saying how much I appreciate all of the support and how much I love you all!~ *general giant group hug* My leg is feeling better already because pigglehumsy, who is up here visiting me/planning on driving me home for break, hasn't let me move. But yeah, my leg is swollen a bit and I'm using crutches to get around campus, which sucks a lot, but I'll see what the doctor says later today and do another update. In the meanwhile, since I won't be at Crew today, I think I'll get to work on some fics.
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TODAY IS THE BEST DAY IN MY FANDOM HISTORY. so far, of course (i have many more years of fandom in mind)

Awesome Day is Totally Awesome )
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I know I just posted, like, ten minutes ago. Too bad because I have art to flaunt!~

This is one of two commissions that I bought from Datingwally because she is awesome and ohmygawd just look at how beautiful and colorful!~

Don't Look if You Don't Like Rafieo/Mikey and Belly Dancing for Kings )
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I get to see Avenue Q tonight with my room mate + friends, all Crew practices were called off today (but I worked out on my own time anyway), and I now have two new pictures to share with all of you of my OTP RafieoMikey! And one has Mauna being adorable in it too! =D


RafieoMikey and Mauna rated PG but maybe not work safe. )


Right. So, wonderful day and I'm insanely happy!~ <3 Blessed be to everyone else on this joyous day!~ I'm gonna go write. :3
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Everyone else was doing it and it looked fun.
My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
aloneindarknes7 goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Batgirl.
aussiegirl17 tricks you! You get a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
catc10 gives you 14 green tropical-flavoured gummy worms.
datingwally tricks you! You lose 4 pieces of candy!
head_voices_xd gives you 2 light blue lime-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
jeegoo gives you 8 tan cinnamon-flavoured jawbreakers.
livefree_13 tricks you! You get a clothespin.
micaturtle gives you 16 purple peach-flavoured gumdrops.
pigglehumsy gives you 3 light green mint-flavoured gummy worms.
sneefee gives you 8 mauve peach-flavoured wafers.
varrius tricks you! You lose 34 pieces of candy!
aloneindarknes7 ends up with 13 pieces of candy, a 3.5-inch floppy disc, and a clothespin.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Anyways, I feel much better now thanks to all of you guys on my f-list being so awesome!~ *huggles all of you* I'll reply to all of the messeges that have piled up in my inbox individually, of course, but a group hug was needed!

Yayness!~ )

Anyways, since you guys gave me joy, here's fic for you!~

Title: Who is She? 
Author: Jordan Herbert
Pairing: RafieoMikey
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Rating: Pg
Word Count: 879
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and that makes me sad sometimes until I realize I can still write using them. Yay! Oh, but I do own Darla, Samuel, and Mauna. And Mr. Sniffers. :3
Author's Note: A bit of fluff written for [profile] tmnt_100 #85.


Who is She? )
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Hai, guyz. :3

So, I spent the weekend with my parents blah, blah, family and their drunken friends. When I got back to college, I found these on my door;
Sick of college talk yet? )
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So, I had to keep quiet about being gone this weekend because my bff, (who finally got a LJ and shouldn't be taken seriously, [ profile] pigglehumsy ) wanted to surprise [ profile] varrius  by driving up to her school for a weekend visit!~ So, we packed up, I drove for about 3 hours and then we arrived and drove around the campus for another half an hour trying to find her dorm. Then we waited for someone to let us in and knocked on her door. Oh goodness, [ profile] varrius  had the greatest surprised face ever! I really wish I had taken a picture.

So we took her to my car, gave her cupcakes and brownies that we made the night before, she directed us to a closer parking space and we went to a restaurant that was styled as an old 50s diner. It was awesome!~ They had a working jukebox that was really cool and great milkshakes. Then we went back to varrius's dorm and took over her bed. She said we couldn't sleep on her floor so we whined while she looked us up a hotel.

Now all three of us are staying in a shady hotel for two nights. We finished watching Yu Yu Hakusho and now I have to write a fic for that. So, this is quite a fun experience so far! We're gonna get ice cream for sure tomorrow. I'll tell you what else we do in a post 'cause I'm sure I'll still be around on the internetz.
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I'm having a marathon of Yu Yu Hakusho with my bff (we've gotten to the Dark Tornament so far) and [ profile] candiedsquirrel made me two amazing icons!~ <3 Look at that MichaelxLeon icon; LOOK AT IT AND IT'S BEAUTY!~ SHE ALSO MADE ME A DONALD/DON ICON!~ 

*happy sigh*

So, *so* happy!~ <3
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[Error: unknown template qotd] that brought me this: 

It's a late B-day picture of RafieoMikey!~ <3 I love it so much and it just made my day! I seriously can't stop looking at it right now. It's just done so wonderfully!~

On other less happy notes, I have my *very last* Crew race for NA now. This will be my last one. But I'm taking my laptop, since we'll have more time over the four days since we only have us eight rowers and two boats to race. Hopefully I'll still be able to work on stuff and still drool over the wonderful B-day picture!~ <3
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So, just kidding about that whole 'Crew is over now' thing. Turns out that one of our boats made it to Canada Nationals and coach wants me in it since I'm good and whatnot. So, um, two more weeks of Crew, then I think I have two weeks off before I start summer Crew. ...Yay? Still, I got thrown in since it was our 'last official day' besides the pizza party tomorrow. It was fun. Especially since I pushed the boy (Jeffries) into the river. He's going to be rowing with me for the next four years since we're both going to Mercyhurst. If we end up getting married I'll eat my left sock. XD

Anyways, my Birthday was really good! My parents, since they never know what to get me, gave me $100. I spent $50 on TMNT shirts/sketchbook/bracelets. I recieved TMNT comics from my BFF and [ profile] varrius  because they love me; one secretly, one sometimes. I also recieved some other lovely gifts but they're not as important. EXCEPT FOR THE GREATEST GIFT I GOT FROM [ profile] aussiegirl17 !~ YOU GUYS NEED TO READ IT HERE AND SEND HER MORE LOVE FOR IT!~ Of course it's a RafieoMikey ficlet and she gave me virtual fireworks too!~ ;D I also recieved many internet Birthday Wishes from a lot of cool people and I just wanted them to know I appreciated it! 

Okay, well, I need to go wash the river off of me. Byes!~
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GUYS! GUYS!~ You need to check out this fic  that my internetz BFF made for me! 

It's RaphDonnie!~ Seriously, read it!
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This, this is wonderful!~ You must see this. Yes, I paid for it, but it turned out better than I ever expected. She's going to color it for me now.


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