Jan. 15th, 2012

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So, Pigglehumsy and I are watching all of Xena. We're currently on season two, but already the main characters, Gabrielle and, obviously, Xena, have kissed on three different occasions, admitted they loved each other, and done so many other couple things. So, femslash is canon. That's good enough for me so I don't have to wear my slash goggles while watching this show because it's canon.

But then, one episode where Xena is blinded and Gabrielle is being forced to marry a corpse. Yeah, the show is different, but awesome, trust me. So, Xena grabs onto some guy with an awesome scar over his eye who's been trying to kill her all episode, even though he's obviously too young and too kind hearted, and forces him to help her get to Gabrielle to save her. Gabrielle, meanwhile, has befriended an obviously gay man who is trying to teach her how to be a queen. 

Towards the end of the episode, I look at the screen and I tell Pigglehumsy that I want those two guys to end up together. She looks at me and says, "You want the guy with a scar to end up with the gay, bigger man. Yeah, that sounds about right, even though it's never going to happen." Then at the end of the episode, the scar guy decides he's going to be a good guy and stop trying to kill Xena and go live an honest life. He leaves. The gay guy watches him leave and says that they fought well together and that he was going to follow him to help him keep his life on track and stuff. I just looked at Pigglehumsy and we both exploded into laughter because obviously the writers of Xena are awesome and have my same pair of slash goggles. Pigglehumsy tipped her hat to me and for once told me that I was right which is why I had to write this entry. 

TL;DR=I shipped two random guys in a Xena episode and then it actually happened. 

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