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Title: Full Circle
Author: Jordan Herbert
Pairing: Mentions of Leon/Michael, Rafieo/Mikey, Raph/Leo, and Donald/Don
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 1,140
Warning: None
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and that makes me sad sometimes until I realize I can still write using them. Yay!
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] tmnt_100 prompt #44: Circle and also yeah, I know, what a surprise that I'm writing for TMNT again! If you want to understand when this fic is taking place in all the crazy Dark Clone fics that I write, this handy timeline might let you understand, especially as there are moments in past fics that I draw from slightly.

His brother had a secret. Actually, it seemed like all three of his brother’s had secrets they weren’t sharing with him. Donald still didn’t know who Leon was dating but he was more curious about where Rafieo disappeared to every night. Especially since following his brother would give him something to do instead of being woken in a cold sweat from nightmares.
He followed Rafieo one night and had rolled his eyes when his brother had gone to the spot in the park where he had buried his dead cat. Donald couldn’t see how Rafieo got so attached to the mangy thing in the week it had been alive. But then Rafieo continued his travels and, to Donald’s surprise, his destination seemed to be O’Neil’s Tower.
Rafieo simply stood outside the building, looking up at it.
After watching Rafieo do so for over thirty minutes, Donald grew bored and approached his brother. “This is what you do every night?”
To say that Rafieo was surprised to see him would be an understatement. “Donald?” Rafieo’s eyes were wide. “Wh—what are you doing out here?”
“I followed you,” Donald shrugged casually. “The real question is; what are you doing out here? Especially here of all places.”
“Nothing,” Rafieo blatantly lied.
Donald frowned. “You know I hate it when a brother lies to me.” Donald’s eyes narrowed threateningly. “Tell me what you’re doing out here. You’re not planning on begging the originals to take you in, are you? Hoping for a little nice experience like Fearless Leader got?” Donald spat.
“No,” Rafieo quickly shook his head. “It’s,” he rubbed at his neck and looked at the ground. “You’re gonna think it’s dumb.”
"Everything you do is dumb, Rafieo, I won’t be surprised if this is too.” Donald replied. Rafieo frowned and Donald rolled his eyes. “Just tell me already.”
Rafieo sighed. “I kinda like one of the goody two shoes.” Rafieo admitted.
“Like?” Donald raised a brow in question until it dawned on him. “Oh, you mean you have a crush on them. How quant,” Donald chuckled. “So which one is it? Your original?”
Rafieo stuck his tongue out in disgust. “No, it’s,” Rafieo rubbed at his neck again as he mumbled, “It’s Mikey.”
“So you come out here hoping to see him so you can start a secret affair with him or something? That is dumb, Rafieo; there’s no way Michelangelo will ever return your feelings. You’re a Clone; no one is ever going to love you so just forget about it.” Donald stated curtly. It was better if his brother learned that lesson quickly before he got hurt like Donald.
"You don’t know that,” Rafieo argued. “Leon and Michael are happy together, I could be happy with Mikey.”
“That’s different. Leon and Michael…” Donald trailed off as his eyes widened. “Leon and Michael,” he repeated slowly. “Leon is with Michael?”
Rafieo’s eyes widened. “You didn’t know?”
Donald ignored his brother as his stomach turned. Leon had chosen Michael over himself. And Michael was only living because he had killed Dunn in order to protect his brother. Donald pressed a hand to his head as the world began to spin.
His hopes and dreams were all crushed and it was his own fault, in retrospect. That was some damn gratitude from his little brother to show him for saving his life; stealing his one and only love. True, no one knew what Donald had done for them, but still; it was the principle of the matter.
Donald had killed for Michael. He had darkened his soul trying to protect their little family because he knew how important it was to Leon. All for nothing. He had completely turned his thoughts upside down and done something he honestly had never pictured doing. Only to be rewarded with a broken heart and the knowledge that his love was with, not only just another, but the one he had sacrificed his clean soul for.
Donald felt like he could kill again.
“I’m going home. You should too.” Was all that Donald said to Rafieo as he turned and headed home, fuming quietly to himself.
He didn’t understand why he was so upset. He finally had his answer of who Leon was with, sure, he didn’t agree with Leon’s choice but he couldn’t make him change his mind. Leon had chosen Michael just like Leonardo had chosen Raphael. Now Rafieo had a crush on Michelangelo but Donald doubted that would ever form into something more since there wasn’t the chance of Rafieo even talking with the other turtle.
Still, it was interesting to think on his brothers all starting to form tender bonds with others. Tenderness had been all that Donald had wanted that night long ago when he had blackmailed Leon into being with him. He knew that it was a weak emotion to want. His design argued that he should have never sought such an emotion, yet he did.

He had forced his brother, his secret crush that had apparently not been a kept secret, to show him love, to give him a night of tenderness. It only left him feeling worse. He felt even more alone and hollow inside now knowing that he had been rejected by Leon for Michael.

Why did his brothers decide to pair up? Then, even worse, Rafieo didn’t even seem to consider him but sought one of the originals instead. Why was he supposed to be alone? He didn’t want to be alone.

Donald finally made it back to his room and curled up miserably on his bed. He needed someone he could relate to, someone that understood the emptiness he felt inside him. That was when it hit him; his original. Donald must have gotten this hollow feeling from him. Together, they could help each other get rid of that emptiness in one another.

It had to work. After all, Leon and Michael were paired off, Leonardo with Raphael, and then there was Rafieo and Michelangelo. Maybe he could pair them off to ensure that Donatello had no other options aside from him?

But, what if his original still rejected him? Leon rejected him as a suitable partner. Michael rejected him as a brother. Rafieo, well, Rafieo had been rejecting the entire brotherhood ever since his cat died. Not to mention all of their originals had already rejected having any hope left for them.

Donald needed to force his original to not reject him by not giving him the chance to. Yes, Donald stood from his bed and quickly went to his computer as a plan started to form. That was the only logical way to get what they both needed. Donald would fix Donatello and then, in return, Donatello could fix Donald's lonely soul. Only with Donatello by his side could Donald fully feel complete.

Another Author's Note: And we’ve come, just about, full circle back to the start of ‘Only Gets Worse.’

Donald fell instantly for Leon but pushed himself away from him and the rest of his family because he knew that they were designed to be evil. In his mind, evil doesn’t love. He isolates himself and feels alone because of it. When he finally takes the chance to be with Leon, he realizes that Leon was taken already and he had missed his chance. He feels even more alone and unloved because he had been rejected. He tries to figure out why he feels that way and realizes he felt that way since his beginning. Donald thinks it’s part of him because Donatello must feel that way as well.

Donald sees another opportunity to no longer be alone; Donatello. He figured his original would understand his loneliness and sought Donatello out. Fearing rejection, he wouldn’t take any chances and was determined to make Donatello rely on him in every way (physically, emotionally, and sexually) so he could ensure that he would never be alone again. To make Donatello rely on him, Donald knew that he’d have to mess the stable turtle up so he resorted to every nasty thing he could imagine.

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