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Title: Time With You Is Never Wasted
Author: Jordan Herbert
Pairing: RafieoMikey, LeoRaph, DonLeatherhead, AprilCasey
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Rating: Pg
Word Count: 940
Warning: Homosexual relationships
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and that makes me sad sometimes until I realize I can still write using them. Yay!
Author's Note: Written for tmnt_100 prompt #6; Hours.

Rafieo knew that he wasn’t the smartest turtle but every now and again he would get a good idea. The only problem with his ideas were that they were usually fairly complicated and out of his ability to successfully create despite the hours that he would take to plan them out. But he didn’t mind asking for help and Donnie didn’t seem to mind helping him, at least the blooming smile on Don’s face made Rafieo think he didn’t mind after he had laid out his mind’s plan.

“Can you help me?” He asked after he finished explaining.

“Not at all, in fact, I think I have exactly what we need. Luckily I picked up a few extra things at the dump yesterday that’ll work out perfectly to create the proper mood.” Don stood from his swivel chair as he tapped his beak thoughtfully as he looked around his lab for the materials he spoke of.

“Thanks for helping me with this, Don. I really want it to be nice for Mikey.” Rafieo smiled.

“Thank you for being such a sweet boyfriend for my little brother.” Don replied with his own smile. “Mikey’s going to love this impromptu date night.” He grabbed a box from under a desk with an excited yell of success. “Ah, I knew I still had that disco ball!”


The music was thrumming through the lair, a carefully selected mix dated from the 70s to current songs but all of them being upbeat and cheery. Perfect for dancing and shaking tails. An assortment of lights flashed around in different shapes as they bounced off of the spinning disco ball hanging overhead. The multitude of colors lit up the room in an unorganized routine that made it seem magical. All of the furniture and everything fragile had been moved safely away from the main area. Best of all, the floors had been polished clean for optimum skating potential.

“I can’t believe you turned the lair into a roller-skating rink.” The smile on Mikey’s face was still as bright and beautiful as it had been when he had discovered the surprise upon his return to the lair earlier. “You don’t even like roller-skating, puppy.”

It was true. In fact, Rafieo was terrible at roller-skating. And skateboarding. And riding a bike. Or a scooter. But all the other turtles excelled at the activities and Mikey loved anything on wheels. He also loved music and Rafieo had seen a run-down roller-skate rink which had given him the idea originally.

“But you do,” Rafieo told him, “and I love you enough to give roller-skating another chance.” Rafieo carefully did the straps on his custom made skates. “As long as I don’t fall on my tail too much.”

Mikey laughed. “I’ll hold your hand to make sure you don’t fall, okay?” Mikey offered his hand which Rafieo took as he used the help to shakily stand up. He kept one hand pressed to the wall as Mikey began to skate with him. Mikey led him around the edge of the room slowly.

Raph and Leo skated past them, also dancing in sync to the music and chatting with one another as easily on wheels as they would be without. Rafieo kinda hated them for it. “Show offs,” he muttered as he gripped onto the wall and wobbled uneasily on the wheels as he desperately sought for balance. Usually he blamed his size on keeping him from being a good roller skater but he couldn’t use the excuse when Leatherhead was spinning Don gracefully around.

He took a little pleasure in watching April cling to Casey for dear life. She wasn’t a natural on skates either and it was nice to know it wasn’t just him who struggled.

“Just ignore them, Rafieo.” Mikey held out his hands and Rafieo took them both as Mikey directed him away from the wall. “Try and lean into your skates, it makes it easier if you don’t fight against them.” He advised as he slowly began to lead Rafieo around while he skated backwards, glancing over his shoulders every now and again to ensure he wasn’t going to bump into someone. The others were keeping a good distance though, allowing Rafieo the opportunity to feel comfortable.

“I’m sorry,” Rafieo apologized with a sigh.

“For what?” Mikey laughed as Rafieo wobbled once again for a quick moment before continuing with his help. “You’re doing much better this time.”

“I wanted this night to be special and fun for you, but you’re being forced to hold my hand the entire time just so I don’t fall on my tail.” Rafieo frowned.

“Rafieo,” Mikey smiled. “I like holding your hand.” He squeezed Rafieo’s hands for emphasis. “And I’m loving this night. It was so sweet of you to do this for me.” He skated into Rafieo’s space and pressed a quick kiss to his beak. “I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than spend this night holding your hand like this.”

Rafieo shared a smile with Mikey as they continued to skate. He slowly started to get better but ended up falling a few times anyway, accidentally pulling Mikey down with him. He kept getting up after a gentle squeeze from Mikey’s hand and some encouraging words.
They ended up roller-skating for hours, getting lost in the music, colorful lights, and each other. Mikey had released one of Rafieo’s hands when he had started to get the hang of skating and moved to his side, still holding his other hand. By the end of the night, they both felt like they were soaring on air.

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