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Title: The Way We Mix
Author: Jordan Herbert
Pairing: RafieoMikey, LeoRaph, DonLeatherhead, AprilCasey
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Rating: Pg
Word Count: 1,059
Warning: Homosexual relationships
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and that makes me sad sometimes until I realize I can still write using them. Yay!
Author's Note: Written for tmnt_100 prompt #36: smell.

Living in a sewer meant a few things. One of those things was the fact that everything smelled really bad if not properly taken care of. They were constantly scrubbing the lair to make it try to smell like something other than rotting garbage and sewer slime.

It also meant that the mutants living in the lair were constantly taking showers too in order to not smell themselves. Not that any of them minded the number of showers; turtles liked water, after all. But it did mean that they all went through a lot of different soaps in attempts to cover up the sewer smell that lingered.

There was also the fact that the communal bathroom was crowded with multiple bottles of body wash. The lair only had two bathrooms. Splinter had his own, private bathroom. It had taken Donny weeks to design, once he was old enough, and then almost another week for all of them to help build it, but they had called it a birthday present and Splinter loved the bathhouse theme his bathroom has. Don had never told Splinter it was because Splinter’s fur kept clogging the original drain and he had to design a special set of pipes to avoid a backup.

Even though Splinter was the only one who really had hair (fur but whatever), there were five different body washes lining the bathtub’s edge in the communal bathroom for the turtles. None of the turtle brothers had ever been able to agree on one scent though which is why their communal bathroom was crowded with bottles. It had made sense that they all liked different smells since they were all different in personalities. When Rafieo had come back from the future to live with them, he also had a preference in smells.

Leo always bought anything that had more artsy titles than actual scents. His body wash was normally ‘rain water’ or ‘morning dew’ which meant there was barely any scent involved and he normally had to find them in the women’s section. But Leo liked it that way. He didn’t want a known smell or else he wouldn’t be able to blend into the shadows well enough. Alley shadows didn’t tend to smell like flowers. Donatello did though.

When Don got to pick, his go to scent would be lavender. He also liked any other flower scent or anything of a hearty natural scent, but lavender was his favorite without a doubt. They had also been the first flowers that Leatherhead had bought him once they had started dating. Don wasn’t going to stray from that body wash if he didn’t have to.

Raph though didn’t care about the scent. He went with any Head and Shoulders body wash or Axe or anything else that was manly. He didn’t care what he smelled like and took the least amount of showers out of the inhabitants of the lair. But when Leo would wrinkle his beak and walk away from cuddling on the couch, Raph would grumble his way into the bathroom only to emerge half an hour later in a burst of steam from the doorway.

Mikey liked fruity scents. Coconut, cherry, passion fruit, orange, cranberry; he never got the same scent twice in a row. He didn’t care which section he got his body wash from either. Rafieo loved rubbing his beak into Mikey’s neck after a shower when he smelled like freshly picked fruit.

Rafieo had struggled for a bit to find a scent he liked to use. When he had been told he could pick his own soap, he had sniffed through every bottle of body wash in the area of the store before finally making up his mind on which one he would use. He finally settled on vanilla. Mikey had asked him why and Rafieo had grinned when he told him that it mixed well with fruit smells. Since Mikey had spent that night tangled in their sheets, he agreed that they mixed well.

Due to all the showers the turtles were taking, they usually had to buy new soap around every other month. Rafieo had just replaced his a few weeks ago when he realized he was out of soap again already.

Frowning, Rafieo shook the bottle one more time with an extra hard squeeze. The bottle wheezed pathetically but didn’t offer any more than two drops of body wash into Rafieo’s waiting palm. Tossing the empty bottle into the trash can, Rafieo looked at the collection of bottles sitting on the bathtub edge before grabbing the raspberry body wash Mikey had recently got.

Popping the top, Rafieo smiled as he inhaled the scent. It reminded him of Mikey. Mikey had left soon after their later practice session. He had been gone for most of the day helping April with a recipe so she could surprise Casey with a home cooked meal.

Rafieo squirted a fair amount of the body wash into his hand and began to lather his body into a bubbly, fragrant layer before stepping back under the spray of the showerhead. The water helped wash away the bubbles and residue but the familiar scent remained with Rafieo, clinging onto his skin.

The scent, and a small smile, stayed with Rafieo even as he dried off and sat on the couch to watch wrestling with Raph. It stayed with him as he eventually got bored and went up to his shared room to wait for Mikey while reading one of his books. He fell asleep reading but woke up when Mikey pulled the book from his hand and crawled up his plastron to press a kiss to his beak.

“I missed you,” Rafieo murmured, voice thick with sleep, as he brought his hands up to rub at Mikey’s shell.

“The first attempt got burnt so April and I had to start over again and also get rid of the evidence.” Mikey sighed and nestled his head into Rafieo’s neck.

Rafieo copied the movement and nuzzled at Mikey’s neck. He paused and inhaled. “You smell like vanilla.” Rafieo grinned. “So that’s where all my soap went.”

“I might have used a little too much.” Mikey replied sheepishly. “But I had a nice reminder of you all day.” Rafieo nudged Mikey for another kiss before they both fell asleep wrapped up in one another’s scent.

Date: 2012-10-25 08:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aww, that was so sweet, the pair of them using each others soaps as a reminder of the other like that.

Now I feel like eating raspberries with vanilla ice-cream. ^_^

Date: 2013-02-06 02:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's nice to see you writing your fave couple again (I know school can be obnoxious and take all your writing time away! Phooey!)

This is well-written. It made me smile. And for ONCE I don't have any corrections!! Whoa, a Mica review WITHOUT corrections? WHAT is this world coming to?!? hee hee (I may have missed some tho, I didn't over-read it really carefully ;)

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