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Title: The First Day of the Next Four Years
Author: Jordan Herbert
Warnings: Slash, dub-con, prostitution, threesome-ish, AU, bondage
Pairing: Sladin, Robin/Red X, Slade/Red X
Fandom: Teen Titans
Rating: Nc-17
Word Count: 2,826
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this fic.
Author's Note: Continues from the same story line as Beneath the Surface, also written for [ profile] dcu_freeforall prompt T6:16 Countdown To... and [ profile] 50_darkfics prompt #30 Chains.

            Clinking continued to echo throughout the otherwise soundless room. Red sighed and rolled over from his back to his side, glancing down to the boy on the floor rattling the chains around his ankle.

            “Those chains aren’t magically going to break from tugging on them, kid.” Red scolded lazily. “All you’ll accomplish is giving me a headache.”

            “I’m so sorry for your discomfort,” Robin spat icily and rattled the chains once more in defiance.

            Red smirked. “This is why you have to sleep on the floor like a bad dog; you’re a brat.”

            “No, I’m chained to the bed and forced to stay on the floor because Slade is crazy and won’t take “no fucking way” as an answer.” Robin argued huffily.

            Rolling over onto his back again, Red shrugged, disinterested. “You probably didn’t have much of an alternative anyways. You should consider yourself lucky that Slade wants you enough to put up with the fact that you’re a huge brat.”

            “He puts up with you being a punk so he must be used to it.” Robin shifted to tug his knees under his chin. “And I did have an alternative.” Red didn’t inquiry any further so Robin sighed and continued talking anyways. “I was planning on going back to my adoptive father. Living under his rules again would be better than this; I learned that after selling myself to Slade the first time.”

            Red slid his hands under his head as a pillow instead of shifting up the six inches to the real pillow. “Slade isn’t all that bad. He’s really patient unless past masters I’ve had. I’ve been with him for half a year now and I’m actually planning to stay the full four years I owe. This is pretty comfortable living for me.”

            “He controls your life, Red; how can you be okay with that? I could barely handle it for those three days.” Robin shakes his head. “I can’t imagine the next four years of my life with him.”

            “Tough because he’s got a signed contract from you now.” Red pointed out.

            “He blackmailed me into signing that.” Robin hissed.

            “No one will believe you. Trust me; I know that no one ever believes the kid who becomes desperate enough to sell themselves once even if it was only ever supposed to be that one time.” Red closed his eyes.

            The room remained silent before Robin cleared his throat. “How many past owners did you say you had?”

            “My step dad used to think he was my owner, but technically Slade is my third owner. Third time is really the charm too because the second guy was probably the worst decision of my life. My first owner was nice enough. She at least taught me some neat tricks.” Red chuckled to himself.

            “If you had a bad experience with contracting yourself, why do it again?” Robin asked.

            “Because I got desperate enough again to need someone to take care of me but not desperate enough to go back to that bastard,” Red sat up as he heard footsteps down the hall. “And I was lucky enough to find Slade was desperate enough to want to buy me.”

            “I wouldn’t say desperate,” Slade opened the door to the extravagant bedroom and closed it behind him. “I’d call it highly intoxicated.” He teased, a small smirk quirking up one corner of his mouth. “Have you been trying to get our dear little bird here to accept his new gilded cage lifestyle?”

            “Yeah but I’m pretty sure he’s not listening to me.” Red shrugged. “He’s too much of a bratty kid to listen to his elders.”

            “Or perhaps your mouth is better between someone’s legs than in someone’s ear.” Slade removed the black long coat he had been wearing and draped it over the small leather recliner he has in the room to serve him on nights he wishes to watch. He does not feel like watching tonight.

            “Maybe I would be happier without being chained down like a dog?” Robin pointedly picked up some of the length of the chain and dropped it loudly to the ground.

            “As soon as I can trust you not to run home to your daddy then I’ll remove the chain.” Slade began slipping the buttons from their hold on his shirt. Robin scowled, clearly not liking the answer. Chuckling, Slade removed his shirt and settled on the bed next to Red, running his fingers through Robin’s dark hair. “Don’t worry, Robin, over time, you will learn to like it here.”

            “Don’t count on that.” Robin growled as he jerked his head away.

            “No one likes a disobedient slave, Robin.” Slade narrowed his eye. “And no one likes an angry master.” Robin’s blue eyes glanced sideways at him but Slade ignored him to tug Red closer to him. He smiled as the boy instantly settled into his side and readily touched his exposed torso. Red had been hesitant to touch Slade at first but a few months of reassuring comments had taught the boy to freely touch when Slade allowed the opportunity.

            Slade thumbed Red’s cheek, brushing over the small scattering of freckles, before capturing the lily pink lips in a kiss. He was planning on a gentle night to help Robin adjust to the new lifestyle he had fought so roughly the past night. He also was pretty tired from the meetings he had been forced to attend earlier that day. Politics was the worst part of his job.

            “Red, get my belt.” Slade ordered as he broke apart from the kiss. “Robin, be a good boy and get my shoes off, will you?” Disguising an order as a request would grant him a better response from the younger boy.

            Robin huffed angrily but started to untie Slade’s shoes as Red’s hands clumsily worked at his belt while he kissed at Slade excitedly. Slade allowed the sloppy kisses for a moment until enough was enough and he took control again. He nibbled at Red’s bottom lip before thrusting his tongue back into the warm, moaning mouth.

            Slade again broke the kiss as he stood up and toed off his shoes while pushing his pants down. He sat back down and resumed kissing Red while he wiggled his socked toes at Robin. The boy got the idea and pulled the socks off his feet. Red’s fingers trailed over the waistband of Slade’s boxers; he knew better than to touch without having been given permission.

            “Robin,” Slade purred as he looked down at the boy on the floor. “You can join us on the bed if you would like the chance to earn the right to sleep on it tonight.”

            Robin turned away from Slade’s gaze and shook his head as he glared at the floor, showing his defiance while still remaining an obedient demeanor. Slade was going to have so much fun forming this kid to his liking.

            “Fine, you’re sleeping on the floor again then. You’ll also remain on the floor for tonight’s activities. On your knees, Robin,” Slade spread his legs invitingly. Robin cringed away and his mouth opened into a snarl. “Robin,” Slade snapped before he had a chance to speak. He rattled the start of the chain on the bedpost. “Need I remind you of your punishment from last night for your insolence?”

            After reluctantly signing the contract, Robin had tried to flee anyway. He hadn’t gotten far and the marks from Slade’s canning could still be made out on Robin’s back. With Robin already chained up, he had no chance of escape. Shaking his head, Robin rolled onto his knees and crawled forward between Slade’s legs.

            Instantly Slade threaded his fingers through Robin’s thick hair. “There’s a good boy. Mouth me through the material for a bit first.” Robin scowled before pushing out his pouty lips and mouthing at the outline of Slade’s cock as it began to fill with interest.

            “You can fuck Robin while he works on me, Red.” Slade rubbed a thumb over Red’s hipbone. “Grab a pillow for your knees first. I want you to be comfortable.”

            “Yes, Slade.” Red tossed the pillow behind Robin’s kneeling form and quickly moved behind him, sliding down first Robin’s flimsy pants before his own.

            “Prep him first, Red.” Slade scolded the boy’s excitement. “He wasn’t bad enough to earn that sort of punishment. Also, don’t cum.”

            Red’s excitement quickly died as he sighed out a “Yes, Slade,” and opened the bedside dresser’s drawer to grab some lube.

            “You’re going to cum when I fuck you tonight.” Slade informed as he continued to pet Robin while his mouth roamed over his tented boxers. “A little more enthusiasm wouldn’t hurt you, Robin.”

            “Sorry my love for eating cotton isn’t showing through.” Robin’s sass turned into a gasp as Red slipped two slicked up fingers into him.

            Slade simply chuckled and lifted his hips to tug his boxers off. “Better?”

            Robin’s expression spoke for him as he reluctantly swiped his tongue from the base to Slade’s tip before glaring up at the man. Slade kept his hand buried in Robin’s hair and used the hold to direct the boy’s head back to work. Robin continued to lick at Slade, his eyes closing with discomfort as Red continued to quickly work him open with his fingers. Wrapping his lips around the tip of Slade’s cock, he slowly began to suck and work the shaft with his hand.

            Taking his mouth off quickly, Robin hissed as Red entered him. “I’m glad you know better than to bite me.” Slade remarked, “But I believe I asked for a blowjob and you have yet to deliver.” Robin groaned as Red thrust into him and Slade sighed. “I hadn’t known how bad you were at multitasking, Robin.”

            Closing his eyes, Robin leaned back in and wrapped his mouth around Slade’s cock, ignoring the building rhythm of Red’s thrusts into him. He hollowed out his cheeks and focused on taking more of Slade’s thick cock into his mouth to bump against the back of his throat.

            “Much better,” Slade praised, his fingers stroking Robin’s head. “How does he feel, Red?”

            “So good, Slade.” Red moaned as he adjusted his grip on Robin’s hips. “He’s so tight, so fucking hot.”

            “Good,” Slade shifted his hold on Robin’s head to hold him still as he shifted his hips up, slowly forcing more of his cock into Robin’s mouth. Robin’s eyes opened as he gagged and reached up to try and dislodged Slade’s hand from his head. “Stop that and relax your throat, Robin, I coached you through this last time.” Slade reminded as he waited for Robin to take deep breaths through his nose before pushing forward again to slide into Robin’s enveloping throat. “That’s it, Robin.” Slade pushed in and out of Robin’s throat a few times before pulling his cock out.

            Robin panted as his mouth was freed. “Red, that’s enough, get your ass up here.” Slade smirked as he patted the bed. Red groaned as he pulled out of Robin with a slick noise. He tossed the pillow back onto the bed and presented the container of lube to Slade. Slade plucked the container from his hands and slicked up two fingers. “Hands and knees, Red.”

            Moving onto all fours, Red held himself still as Slade rubbed one finger over his entrance before pressing it in. Pulling it out, he slid the finger back in with his added second and gave Red a moment to adjust to the intrusion before scissoring his fingers. “That should be sufficient for you. Red, you will come when I tell you. Robin, you will not come at all tonight since you did not wish to join us. But you will remain on your knees and watch what you are missing out on.”

            Robin mumbled something under his breath that Slade was unable to catch. Turning his attention from Red to Robin, Slade lifted an eyebrow to stare Robin down. “Care to repeat yourself a little louder?” Robin shook his head. “Then I suggest shutting up before I remember how gorgeous you look with a gag.” Robin wisely grew silent as Slade slicked himself up and pressed slowly into Red.

            “Shit,” Red cursed as he gripped the sheets. “You would think that I’d get used to this by now.”

            “Focus on your breathing.” Slade reminded.

            “Kinda busy focusing on the huge cock in my ass trying to split me in half.” Red replied.

            Slade smacked Red’s ass, making the boy grunt as he jumped and shifted Slade deeper into him. “Now I remember why I normally gag you.”

            “You know I’m hilarious.” Red argued.

            “I know how to get you to stop talking.” Slade countered as he pushed the rest of the way in and pulled out before pushing back in again without warning. Red screamed as he arched his back and tugged at the sheets. “Much better,” Slade bent down and pressed a kiss in between Red’s shoulder blades.

            Slade pulled halfway out before sliding back into Red, watching the younger man’s back tremble in pleasure as Slade adjusted himself inside him until he found the sweet spot. “That’s it, let me hear you moan.” Slade continued a softer than usual pace, taking his time to enjoy the easy slide in and out of the slick passage as his precum helped to ease it further.

            Red ducked his head as he shamelessly moaned out his pleasure, the odd curse word slipping in as a breathless gasp. He always felt full when Slade was in him; the man was just so much bigger than him. Slade’s pace was a lot gentler than his usual, faster and rougher speed. Slade wasn’t even digging his fingers into Red’s hips and Red knew how much Slade liked to trace those bruises with his tongue the next day.

            “Fuck, Slade, please, I’m so close.” Red begged as he rocked his hips back, begging for something more to help him over the edge of pleasure.

            “Beg for it properly, boy.” Slade scolded with one particular rough push of his hips. He was getting close too. Robin’s mouth had been good and Red’s ass was better as he felt the boy squeezing around him.

            “Please, master, I need you to let me come.” Red pleaded.

            “Good boy,” Slade praised as he wrapped one hand around Red’s cock and stroked it faster than he was moving in and out.

            It was only a matter of minutes after that when Red came with a loud cry. His arms buckled under him so that he was on his elbows, face pressed into the pillow as Slade continued to fuck into his clenching body. Slade’s thrusts grew frantic as he reached his peak with a cut off grunt. Red’s eyes fluttered as Slade drew out of him.

            Patting Robin’s head, Slade passed by the kneeling boy into the bathroom and retrieved a wet towel. He cleaned himself before moving back into the bedroom and wiping down Red’s backside and front. He bent over Robin and wiped the towel down his backside as well, chuckling as Robin arched from the touch.

            “Change the sheets unless you don’t mind sleeping in the wet spot, Red.” Slade commented as he went back into the bathroom with the towel. He took a few minutes before returning from the bathroom to see that Red hadn’t moved. “Wet spot for you it is then.” Slade commented.

            Red grunted an acknowledgement but continued to lie in his fucked out position. Slade chuckled, knowing that Red would be asleep in a matter of seconds, and stood over Robin. “Did you enjoy the show?”

            “Do you want a standing ovation?” Robin asked.

            “No, you’re fine as you are.” Slade ran his hands through Robin’s hair again. “If you give me a kiss goodnight I’ll let you sleep on the floor and not remain in a kneeling position for the rest of the night.”

            Considering the options, Robin sighed and tilted his head back for a kiss. Slade hummed approvingly as he claimed the boy’s mouth zealously. He flicked his tongue around Robin’s mouth until he could feel Robin’s pulse quicken under his thumb on the boy’s neck. Releasing Robin from the kiss, Slade nodded. “Goodnight, Robin. Sleep well; you will need your rest for I have no need to leave tomorrow.”

            Robin swallowed as he shifted off of his knees and pulled his pants back up. He curled up onto his side, still mindful of the painful marks from the cane on his back. Slade flicked off the lights and Robin continued to stare out into the darkness until his eyes adjusted. He glanced down at the shiny metal wrapped around his ankle and shifted it experimentally to hear the rattle echo through the room. Sighing, Robin pillowed his hands under his head and closed his eyes as he dreamed of freedom in four years. 

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