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I finally managed to watch the first episode of the new Nick TMNT. Honestly, I’m going to say that I’m overall satisfied but not too head over heels in love with it. Yet. It has potential. These are my thoughts on some more specific things.

First off, the new theme song; I LOVE IT. The new opening theme is perfect in every way. I also really like the animation. Not the CGI so much, but the way that the CGI changes into cutesy anime eyes. I also really like when they pause some things into a comic style. I do like how the CGI flows though. It’s very nice for the action scenes.

The turtle looks; I like how they actually look a little different. The eyes, yes, (even if I don’t like the colors they picked too much, seriously green for Raph, what?) but the different shells, like Raph’s chipped one, is a nice touch. I also like Mikey having something of freckles on his face and Donnie’s missing tooth or gap or whatever is pretty cute too. I am upset that they don’t have tails. That is really upsetting. But Splinter (is he Splinter? They only called him Sensei and he was once human so is he going with his old human name or what?) is just way too creepy for me. He will have to grow on me.

Now, the turtles individually.

Leo. He has never been my favorite and I don’t see him being my favorite in this show either. I do like that he isn’t the strongest and that Raph was actually able to beat him. I also like that he is a fanboy of some parody of Star Trek. The voice can grow on me.

Raph. I like his pet turtle; that’s an adorable idea. The voice works pretty well. I like that he’s still kinda jerkish towards his brothers in his little quips at them but then obviously sweet since he adores his pet.

Don. His crush on April is cute but it better not actually become a relationship. I do like that he is actually sassy right back at Raph. He called him a meathead and he challenged Raph to talk about alloy metals against him. The voice works pretty well for him too. I can see Don becoming my new favorite if nothing interesting happens with Raph. I also really liked that Don wasn’t obviously just the nerd. He was able to catch April and he did a bunch of sweet flips and rolls to land safely with her.

Mikey. This is probably the biggest disappointment for me. First off, I love the voice. It is so perfect because it is Beast Boy and yeah, those two are one in the same. But honestly they made Mikey out to be way too stupid. I don’t like it. I understand him being the comic relief but he can understand a plan, he can think of something green other than Raph, and he can certainly know not to scream when hiding behind alien foes. Seriously they need to redeem Mikey’s intelligence because he is not that dumb.

Splinter. If they can pull off the 'used to be human and having a human past' thing well then that'll be interesting. He does seem wise but randomly picking Leo as leader is a little off. So is his sudden idea that the turtles need to be a part of this quest to save April but I guess it's needed to move the show on.

I can’t say much on April because she was only the damsel in distress really. I do like that she tried to attack the Krangs (not sure I like that name) and that she isn’t going to wait around for someone to rescue her dad and wants to hunt them down herself. Snake could be an interesting character.

One thing though, I love how overall these turtles are actually acting like teenagers. They make faces, they tease a lot, they pick on each other, and they are overall teenage boys.

So this show has potential. It could be really good. The first episode wasn’t too bad. They explained the turtles well enough about how they came to be. I will actually be able to watch the second episode on time but sadly not any of the other episodes because of rowing practice. If anyone knows a good site to watch them, I’d appreciate it.

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