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Title: Beneath the Surface
Author: Jordan Herbert
Warnings: Slash, dub-con, prostitution, voyeurism, threesome-ish, AU
Pairing: Sladin (SladeRobin) Robin/Red X, Slade/Red X
Fandom: Teen Titans
Rating: Nc-17
Word Count: 893
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this fic.
Author's Note: Written because of nostalgia and also for my [ profile] dcu_freeforall prompt Control and my [ profile] 50_darkfics prompt Rule/Ruler.

He is in complete control of the situation. That’s what really turns him on. The one boy has been indebted to him for months now. Slade’s had plenty of tastes of his young body from the red hair on top of his hair and down to the smattering around his cock. It was no surprise to Slade when he had asked for a name, all those months ago with the deal fresh in the air, and the boy had mumbled out “Red,” before signing his name down on the contract.

This new one, the one bent over the bed open and moaning as Red works him open with his tongue and fingers, Slade doesn’t own. At least, not yet. But the boy was desperate enough to come to him, asking for a loan big enough to earn him a few nights of ownership. He liked this one even if he knew his real name wasn’t Robin. He hadn’t pressed for the truth though; he had no need for it. Robin was his for the next few nights.

Slade likes to watch Red work and it wasn’t the first time he had gotten another body for Red to play with. He was a generous man and he had wanted to see how well Robin can perform. Very well was the answer Slade receives as he places the wine he had been sipping down so he can loosen his pants.

“That’s enough, I believe.” Slade’s voice halts Red in his actions. “Robin, on your back now, center of the bed, and face me so I can see those pretty eyes of yours as Red fucks you.” Robin nods his head as he moves to comply. Red slides between his spread legs, scratching up the pale thighs to grab his hips as he lines up. “And Red, fuck him hard, but he’s the only one allowed to cum.”

“Yes, Slade,” Red begrudgingly accepts Slade’s orders. He never likes being denied orgasms; it was as though the delusional lad expected to always receive pleasure when he sold himself to Slade as a sex slave. Slade only lets him enjoy it if he’s earned it. Red didn’t earn it often enough.

“Oh,” Robin tosses his head back as Red slides in, not giving him any chance to adjust as he starts to pound away. Remembering Slade’s order, Robin turns and stares at Slade as his mouth opens wordlessly as Red continues.

“Stroke yourself, Robin, I want you to enjoy tonight. Tomorrow night, you’re all mine.” Slade promises as he lightly strokes himself as well through his trousers. Robin obeys beautifully, taking himself in hand instantly and his eyes closing with the pleasure. He rubs his thumb over the tip of his dick and Slade finally lets himself out of his pants to take in his own hand.

Robin seems so easily trainable. It had taken a while for Red to stop being hesitant at Slade’s orders. But Slade knows Robin is only behaving because he knows he can walk away in the next few days. Once he becomes desperate enough to have to permanently belong to Slade, well, Slade’s sure Robin will learn to behave with the right incentive, just like Red.

It’s not too much longer until Robin finally gets off, screaming his pleasure as Red stills and quickly pulls out, afraid of unintentionally breaking Slade’s order. He stares at Slade with his erection waiting in the air. “Red, come here so I can use your mouth. I want you to watch, Robin, and then prepare yourself because you are far from being done for the night.” Red kneels before him and Slade runs his hand through Red’s hand once before taking hold and shoving his cock into his mouth.

He fucks Red’s throat brutally, knowing that he’s treated the boy worse before. He holds Red’s head steady with the one hand and uses the other to cup Red’s neck, brushing his thumb over the collar even while he imagines one wrapped around Robin’s neck. He comes with a soft sound of satisfaction and runs his hands through Red’s hair once more as a good sign.

“Red, get back on the bed so Robin can suck you. I just want him to get a little taste while he recuperates. Then I want you two in a sixty-nine position. If you can get Robin off first then you’re allowed to cum on his face.” Slade promises, watching as Red’s eyes light up and he practically leaps onto the bed to straddle Robin’s face.

He’s glad that they’re both young enough to have short recuperation periods. They’re both old enough though to have made enough mistakes to end up desperate and belonging to Slade. He smiles as he picks up his glass of wine again and takes another sip.

He won’t get off anymore for the night but he’ll enjoy the show. And when Robin comes back tomorrow night, Slade will fuck him slow and gently, he’ll drag it out to last the entire night and make Robin go crazy for it. On the third night, Slade will make sure Robin leaves exhausted and wanting more so that the next time he gets desperate he’ll agree to signing over his life.

Slade wants Robin and he will get him. After all, he is in complete control of the situation.

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